Volunteers 2017 Program Thank you!!

Extra Special Thanks to Our Volunteers who gave the gift of their time!!

Christina Dixon, Amy Marks, Daryl Webber, Keith Rutherford, Nigel Bunce, Jan Savory, Milla Pickfield, Michael Mulrooney, Eric and Isabelle and Nina Trask, Tyler Frost, Martin Stevens, Heather Davis, Christina Anna Schantz, Janet Turpin-Meyers, Sari Beyer, Patty Molnar, Lisa Smith and Thomas Laskowski, Bronwyn Grayson and Evelyn Webber, Linda and David Jolly, Kira Spooner, George McNaught, Val Irwin and Dianne Hutchinson, Rosemary Jackson, Nori Nagano, Walt Rickli, Cathy Cole, and the Lowvillians, Lou-Ann Trabucco and Folks of Lowville United Church, Petra and Folks of St. George’s Anglican Church.

We are grateful for our stellar Lowville Festival choir which was comprised of beautiful singers from far and wide.

We would like to recognize our hard-working volunteer Board of Directors!!

John Cripton, President
Debra Pickfield, Vice President
Heidi Clelland-Sauer, Secretary
June Cupido
Dan Misturada
Linda Sword