Places to Eat

Lowville Bistro

The Lowville Bistro is located in the centre of Lowville at the corner of Guelph Line and Lowville Park Road.  To attend events in the Festival Tent, you will need to turn west on Lowville Park Road and drive 200 meters until you come to the parking lot on your right.  Find a spot to park.

An excellent meal can be had at the Lowville Bistro.  Enjoy their extensive wine list.  Then stroll down the lane to Lowville Park and visit our Festival Tent for one of our shows!

Lowville Bistro

Wunderba Restaurant

Only open a year and already our “local”, Wunderba is a wunderful blend of traditional favourites and healthy eating.  But you can still get fries!  The patio at the back overlooks a tremendous view from on top of Mount Nemo.

Wunderba, on the Guelph Line, is only 2 minutes south of Lowville by car so you won’t be late for curtain!


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